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Battery Storage

We offer solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic installations. Either charge batteries while your solar panels are generating excess energy or charge off peak, then use stored energy when the cost is higher.

You'll also be able to benefit from maintaining your electrical supply in the event of a power  cut, keeping essential equipment running.

Solar PV panels

Solar PV panels West Kirby,Wirral, Genr8 Renewable Energy

Solar PV is a great way to save energy by either using the generated electricity or storing with batteries or a hot water cylinder using a power diverter so any otherwise exported generated power can be used.


Any surplus can be exported if registered for the SEG export tariff with your supplier.

EV charging points

We also install single and three phase EV charging points. Commercial and domestic installation.


Use your PV solar panels to charge your vehicles or use off peak energy prices to lower running costs.

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