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Our Vision.

Our vision is to help our clients become more aware of their energy usage.This will enable them to cut carbon emissions, create a more comfortable living / working environment while saving money.

We will offer the best solution for each particular property through surveys, advice and a wide range of services and products.

Solar PV panels

Solar PV panels West Kirby,Wirral, Genr8 Renewable Energy

Solar PV is a great way to save energy and generate income from the feed in tariff which pays you for every unit generated by your system.

In addition to this you can make savings by using the free electricity generated.Any electricity not used will be exported the the grid and you will recieve 4.5p per unit for this.

Other Services

We are principally an electrical contractor and can carry out electrical installation,maintenance and testing on industrial,commercial and domestic properties.

We also install energy saving equipment such as LED lighting, voltage optimisation units,energy saving controls and energy monitoring sysems.